Be A Reseller of Messy Bessy

If you are inspired by Messy Bessy’s Founder and CEO, Krie Reyes-Lopez, and share in her advocacy to empower, educate and employ at-risk young adults, or to help save the planet by using safe, non-toxic, all-natural, biodegradable household cleaning products, you can become a reseller or distributor of Messy Bessy products.


It’s so easy to join. Just follow these 7 SIMPLE STEPS:

1.       Try the Messy Bessy products before signing up. Messy Bessy believes that you must be a product of your product. Use it at home, your office or store, and see if it works and you like it.

2.       When you realize you love the products, mail or call Messy Bessy and schedule a visit to their office, so you can know more about the products, the company and the people behind it.

3.       Go to the meeting. Learn everything you can. Ask questions. Seek clarification. You will be given information and materials about the Messy Bessy Starter Packages and the Reseller Guidelines. Make sure you understand them.

4.       After the meeting, should you be interested to become a Messy Bessy Authorized Reseller, fill out and submit the Reseller Application Form on the spot and choose the starter package that you would like to avail of. If you want to think more about it, go home, evaluate the business opportunity, and email the application to when you are ready.

5.       Sign up on Messy Bessy’s email list to get product updates —

6.       Like Messy Bessy’s social media sites to keep you informed on the latest at Messy Bessy.

a.       Facebook:

b.      Instagram: @hellomessybessy

c.       Twitter: @hellomessybessy

7.       Start selling!

For more information about Messy Bessy’s Reseller Program, email


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